Why Prime Ray

Bespoke service,
Integrity and Trust

- Solid spreads &
cutting edge technology -

For FX Brokers

  • The MT4 platform is a complete own branded platform
  • It provides the customer's preferred logic to his account along with additional information
  • The customer can anticipate an increase in the volume of business transactions
  • We promise high-speed performance through our infrastructure
  • We offer leverage with competitive, low-price fees and a narrow spread
  • FX, precious metal, CFD (including NIKKEI) are all possible
  • An interbank market with a stable business environment connected to STP
  • There is no risk of losing profits
  • 24 hour customer support
  • Using algorithmic trading (using MT4 EA) enabling 24/7 automatic trading
  • With one MT4 platform, FX currency exchange, CFD, commodity, and liquidity are possible
  • It comes prepared with a high-efficiency back office and broker tools